The Future of Electronics Reliability Testing is here
Magnalytix has created a real-time, objective evidence-based tool evolved from long proven and accepted laboratory techniques that are designed to operate in an electronics manufacturing facility.
This new technology can predict failure long before it happens and help prevent recalls.
The traditional approach to electronics reliability testing has been to use accelerated life testing (ALT), which is a laboratory technique that uses extreme temperature, voltage, or current cycling to simulate the wear and tear that components experience in the field. While this approach has been used for many years, it has limitations. For instance, the test conditions are limited by the testers ability to control them and there is no correlation between accelerated life testing results and actual field performance.
Magnalytix's solution overcomes these limitations.
It can be used in-line with existing manufacturing equipment to obtain real time evidence of product reliability before the products leave the factory. This objective evidence can then be used to predict failure long before it happens and help prevent recalls.
Magnalytix is pioneering a new era in SIR testing for the electronics industry. As component sizes continue to shrink, and products become more reliant on small electronic components, reliability and design are paramount.
Magnalytix’s OE-250 SIR test tool can reside on your production floor giving you total control over the SIR testing process, and reducing this time intensive test by days or even weeks. Or, Magnalytix can do the testing for you in the traditional fashion. It’s up to you. Magnalytix brings State-of-the-Industry technology and flexible to SIR testing. To find out more about the Magnalytix line of products, contact our sales team here at Restronics.